Thursday, January 3, 2008

December 29, 2007

The Anglican blogosphere makes for grim reading with the antics of the former bishop of San Joachin changing the locks on a church in that diocese that wishes to remain Episcopal.

It all rather pales into insignificance with the death of Benazir Bhutto, something that will really make a difference in the politics of an unstable nuclear power in which the U.S. –once again— has found itself in the position of shoring up a dictatorship for our strategic purposes. A friend of mine from England described this event as carrying a kind of ‘morbid inevitability’. I hope the President will use whatever influence he has in that country to suggest a delay for the opposition to reorganize itself and offer some kind of campaign. It is my understanding that Pakistan has not known a truly fair election in the past, but the hope of something like one now would be a good thing.

The movie Charlie Wilson’s War is instructive (as well as being fun). We provided a billion dollars or so to help oust the Russians from Afghanistan and then could not muster the will to provide a million dollars to begin rebuilding schools in that country. I tried reading the journal Foreign Affairs for a few years but still find our foreign policy to be largely inscrutable in most instances.

A few days off not only offered a rare visit to the cinema, but allowed me to finish reading New England White by Stephen Carter (a sometime visitor to All Saints’). Unlike his first foray into writing a novel (The Emperor of Ocean Park) this one was hard work, a convoluted mystery with some good commentary on class and race, but in need of an editor.

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