Monday, July 13, 2009

Where do we go from here?

July 13, 2009

I have wondered and have been asked what happens to our relationship with the wider Anglican Communion if we move forward with the full affirmation of GLBT people in the Episcopal Church. The answer is unclear. What we know is that the ABC chooses to read B033 as our support for a moratorium on the consecration of GLBT bishops and recognizes that its repeal would ‘drive us further apart’. We also know that the C of E synodical process has more than enough signatures to introduce a motion to discuss recognizing the breakaway province led by Archbishop Duncan. Last we know that the Bishop of Durham, Tom Wright has said that the C of E theology committee will be examining the founding documents of the ‘new province’.

If the C of E decided to recognize ACNA (aren’t acronym’s fun?) it would be extremely difficult for them to maintain anything resembling relationship with us and Anglicanism will be defined not by fidelity to the Scriptures (as they claim and choose to believe) but by rank and disgusting prejudice and we will be well out of it. That will be our opening to plant churches in England and elsewhere, and idea that will receive a warm welcome in many quarters.

Even if this is the eventual outcome, it will likely be a long time coming.

What I would prefer is that those who support us around the world get organized and start acting and speaking with courage.

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