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August 9, 2009

Last Friday this blog was picked up in a fairly incendiary way by Jonathan Wynne Jones of The Daily Telegraph. You can read it here.

Regular readers will know that fomenting civil war in the C of E is the farthest thing from my mind. They are facing that without any help from me!

I responded with the following comment:

• Jonathan,
Thank you for taking an interest in our parish conversation at All Saints’’, Atlanta. You are quite right that no one I know has any interest in starting a civil war in the C of E. There is no real interest here in planting TEC parishes in England, but I believe that would change if the Covenant movement keeps on looking for ways in which individuals and parishes (presumably within TEC but what of others?) would be encouraged to ’sign on’ in the event that TEC did not.
I hope the powers that be at The DT would be willing to send you to the US to learn more about your subject. There is nothing wrong with the Metropolitan Community Church but we are quite different as you can begin to learn by reading this.
In the event that such a trip is of interest you have a standing invitation to All Saints’, Atlanta.

This is all good pot stirring stuff but probably not helpful in the end. Nonetheless it is hard for me to imagine the Archbishop of Canterbury using the Covenant process to foment further schism within TEC in the name of some kind of greater ‘unity’ in the Anglican Communion. If the ABC and his allies choose to create a way for individuals and parishes to sign on in the event that a province declines to do so through its formal channels will create a bigger mess than he faces now.

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Penny said...

Geoffrey, you have probably read the post at the Episcopal Cafe's "The Lead" from last week commenting on Jonathan Wynne-Jones' use of your blog post. But if not, see it here:

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