Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Compass Rose Annual Meeting

September 23, 2009

Next week I will attend the annual Meeting of the Compass Rose Society which includes the wonderful privilege of dinner at Lambeth Palace hosted by Archbishop and Mrs. Williams. Generally there is a question and answer period before hand with the Archbishop. In some years when I have been in attendance he could be forgiven, based on the questions, for thinking that all those who support the Anglican Communion and wish to see it thrive are ardent supporters of the move toward some kind of Anglican Covenant behind which he has chosen to throw his support.

He takes the questions written on cards from members of the society in attendance, reads them verbatim and answers them thoughtfully and thoroughly. I’m chewing on what I would like to ask him and would welcome (with no promises implied) any suggestions you might have.

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lindy said...

Just tel him that we don't want a covenant. To many of us it flies in the face of what it means to be Anglican. I think it will be much more damaging than he realizes. Or, maybe he doesn't care.