Friday, February 5, 2010

The C of E and ACNA

February 5, 2010

Those interested in understanding what has been going on in the Episcopal Church regarding the status of clergy and property will find a splendid summary written by Simon Samiento, an Englishman, for the education of their General Synod. You can read it here. This is in response to a briefing paper offered by the sponsor of a private member’s motion that the Church of England express desire to be in communion with the Anglican Communion in North America (ACNA) which contains a number of inaccuracies of fact. You can read that one here There is a parallel paper submitted from the Anglican Church of Canada which you can read about here I am encouraged that our friends are stepping up. I hope that we too desire to be in communion with ACNA, some of whose are former colleagues of mine, but they have chosen (for whatever reason) to leave The Episcopal Church and start their own community of faith in the Anglican tradition in many ways, muddled about the validity and desirability of women in Holy Orders and clear that whatever one’s opinion of the idea of ‘sexual orientation’, any ‘same sex activity’ is sinful.

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