Friday, October 24, 2008

The End of Anglicanism

October 24, 2008

In early October I wrote about my disappointment in the inscrutable decisions of the Archbishop of Canterbury as to when he speaks and when he stays silent and what he does or doesn’t do in the meantime. He has now met with the deposed Bishop of Pittsburgh in London. ( This is described as a ‘private meeting’ not unlike that he held with the duly elected bishop of New Hampshire in 2003, but which could not happen during the Lambeth Conference to which said bishop was not invited. Bishop Duncan, who has been adopted by the Province of the Southern Cone and supported by a number of English Bishops and international primates all of whom say they ‘recognize’ him as an Anglican bishop without a squeak from the ABC furthers the disintegration of the Anglicanism that I have known, valued and supported. I’m up for planting an Episcopal Church in London and starting an international network that could take the form of something like a religious order for people and congregations of many denominations bound by some basic principles that are as simply stated as the Chicago Lambeth Quadrilateral ( Any takers?

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ukebard said...

As an experiement, could you write why that would be a better plan than remaining a part of the communion? Also, what does the Episcopal church "get" by being apart of the Anglican communion? Is it purely traditional, which shouldn't be discounted.